Gildersome Dojo



In response to requests from our ever increasing number of adult members,       Hidden Dragon Karate-Do now offers an adult class week every Monday. The class has continued to grow in popularity amongst our adult members and has enticed increasing numbers of adults to come and give karate a go. The class is open to all students aged 16 years and over and beginners are encouraged to attend. The class is suitable for adult students of all grades - from beginners to black belt. This is also a popular training class for the club instructors to train at. The class follows the Okinawan Goju Ryu syllabus followed by HDKD and all students are working towards grading assessment in the style, as with all HDKD classes. However, the age restriction allows sessions to cover a more in depth study of the martial art, with more advanced bunkai and adult only kumite.

Junior Black Belt students and those being assessed for black belt grades

are also invited to attend this class.


The Adult Gildersome class is lead by Chief Instructor Sensei Ann-Marie, with assistance from Sensei James (Nidan Black Belt).









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The Gildersome Dojo houses two weekly classes, which have both proved extremely popular with both existing and new students. The first class every Monday evening is an open class for students of all ages and all grades and has proved popular with families who like to train together. Following this class, is the weekly Adult Only class for ages 16 & above (and Junior Black Belts), again this is suitable for adult students of all grades, including beginners.




The open class at Gildersome Baptist Church runs every Monday and attracts

students of all ages from absolute beginners to Black Belts. The class has a welcoming family feel, as a number of our student families take this opportunity

to train together - children training alongside their parents.

The class instructor for the Gildersome open class is Sensei Ben (1st Kyu brown belt).