Sempai Team

At Hidden Dragon Karate-Do, we are extremely fortunate to have a group of exceptionally talented young people who not only excel in their own karate training, but who are also keen to share their expertise and knowledge with their peers. We currently have a 6 strong Sempai (assistant instructor) team, which is compiled of students aged 11-14 who dedicate time on a weekly basis to assist the instructor in the class.   At HDKD, we are keen to encourage our junior higher grades to undertake this responsible role, as it not only assists other students, but also the Sempais' own karate development and deeper understanding of technique. Other benefits of being a Sempai include improved communication skills, heightened self-confidence and incresed self-esteem.


All of our Sempais take their responsibilities extremely seriously and they strive to be highly positive role models for all of our younger students. As well as assisting within weekly classes, the Sempai team also help out at student gradings and are part of the organisational team for the twice yearly HDKD tournaments.





Jack Holden

Chief Sempai

- Nidan Black Belt


Ellie Fox

- Shodan Black Belt


Lucas O'Brien - Shodan Black Belt


Ruby Allen

- Shodan Black Belt


Joseph Hudson

- Shodan Black Belt


Ethan Varley

- 1st Kyu Brown Belt



In 2014, for the first time, students were able to vote for their Sempai of the Year as part of the HDKD Annual Awards presented at the end of year parties in December. The winner of Sempai of the Year 2014 was Jack Holden. The winner in 2015 was also Jack Holden.