Sensei Ann-Marie, B.Ed (Hons),

Sensei Ann-Marie has trained in karate for the past ten years and in January 2015 achieved the Black Belt grade of Sandan (3rd Dan) in Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu. Ann-Marie was assessed for her Sandan grading by the highly respected Sensei Alan Wood, Hachi Dan (8th Dan) with Itansha Goju Karate. Sensei           Ann-Marie also achieved Nidan (2nd Dan) with Go Sho Ryu Traditional Karate Association (A mix of Shotokan & Goju styles)  Sensei Ann-Marie has instructed weekly karate lessons in the local area for the past nine years and has experienced the delight of seeing many of her students progress to higher grades and also fluorish as individuals.


Sensei Ann-Marie is also a fully qualified teacher and she has previously worked in this capacity in middle and secondary schools throughout West Yorkshire. She has also worked for the Connexions Service, helping teenagers to overcome barriers to learning and progress via individual development plans.


As of April 2014, Sensei Ann-Marie has taken on the responsibility of being a Join In UK Local Leader. Continuing the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games, Join In UK aims to encourage more people to get involved with volunteering in sports. Sensei Ann-Marie works collaboratively with the other Local Leaders in the Join In Yorkshire network to promote sports volunteering and matching volunteers to opportunities.


Sensei Ann-Marie has two children of whom she is very proud, Adrian (19) and Lauren (23). Adrian is currently studying for a Science Degree in Forensics & Criminology at UCLAN and, after achieving a 1st Class Honours Degree, Lauren now works as a fully qualified Orthoptist working in Canterbury and surrounding areas.


Sensei Ann-Marie is creative, highly motivated, understanding, driven to succeed and has a great sense of humour.

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Sandan Black Belt

Chief Instructor & Child Protection Officer