Sensei Ben

"Ben is the heart of Hidden Dragon, meaning he's red, full of blood and makes a mess if you squeeze him. As a small child, Ben's mother refused to let him play with those demonic video game machines, so he turned to board games as a means of compensation. He's been tragically uncool ever since.


Ben started his martial arts career in the death pits of North Korea but his career really didn't take off until he met notoriously bad ass Sensei Ann-Marie when she began training the younger Williams. In order to survive at home, he began to train and can now successfully fight off both children and wife whilst making a mean spaghetti bolognese,


In addition to karate, Ben is a classically trained musician, heavy metal guitarist and wedding venue dresser."


As demonstrated by the above, Sensei Ben has a sharp and very individual sense of humour and approaches his responsibilities at HDKD with tremendous zeal.


The Williams Clan are the embodiment of the spirit of Hidden Dragon Karate, with all four family members being active members of the club, promoting our family friendly ethos.


Ben strives extremely hard to develop and progress within his own karate technique and skills and this has resulted in his grade of 1st Kyu Brown Belt. Sensei Ben is currently training hard with the aim of achieving his Shodan Black Belt in June 2016.


Sensei Ben is the class instructor for the weekly Gildersome Dojo open class, teaching a wide range of students from 4 years to adult, with grades ranging from beginners to black belts.


Previous Annual Awards won include:

2013 - Most Improved Adult

2014 - Outstanding Effort


BEN 1 (2) B2 B3 B6 B9 B10

1st Kyu