Sensei Mark

After suffering numerous beatings by his son Leo, who was already a student at HDKD, Mark decided it was time that he too learnt karate so he could defend himself!


Through regular attendance, closely listening to the instructors and watching Po the Great Kung Fu Panda, Mark soon progressed through his belt gradings.


He was appointed as the newest member of the instructor team in December 2015 following his successful grading to 3rd Kyu.


Outside of karate, Sensei Mark is a qualified football coach, managing his son's team and also acts as chauffeur for all the other activities his son and daughter do. He also enjoys skiing and watching the mighty Featherstone Rovers rugby league team.


Occasionally when time allows, he has to go to work. He is a staff nurse working in the recovery room of an operating theatre at Dewsbury Hospital, where he cares for patients immediately after surgery.


Mark was awarded the Most Improved Adult Student award in 2014 and in 2015 he most impressively won 2 of our annual awards: Most Dedicated Adult and Adult Student of the Year.



3rd Kyu