Sensei Mike

Sensei Mike has responsibility for the weekly Tuesday class at the Churwell Dojo, though he is extremely active in many of the HDKD classes throughout the week. He has a particular interest in weaponry and is becoming proficient in a wide range of traditional weapons.


Sensei Mike has a calm but determind manner in the dojo and has the ability to explain techniques to all students from 4 years old to adult. He is an extremely well liked and respected instructor amongst his fellow instructors and the students.


Since achieving his 2nd Kyu Brown Belt in December 2014, he has trained intensively to develop his own Gojo Ryu skills to enable him to progress to his 1st Kyu, which he achieved in June 2015. He is currently training hard with the goal of achieving his Shodan Black Belt in June 2016.


Mike has won the following awards at our annual awards presentations:

2013 - Most Dedicated Adult

2013 - Adult Student of the Year

2014 - Instructor of the Year

2015 - Outstanding Effort Award

1 M1 M9 M3 M7 M6

1st Kyu