Sensei Steve

Steve has been with Hidden Dragon Karate-Do since the start of 2012. Sensei Steve previously trained with another club and reached the impressive standard of Shodan Black Belt in their mixed Shotokan/Goju style. After training in the Traditional Okinawan Goju style of HDKD for a few months and learning our Goju syllabus and kata, we formally assessed Steve to his 1st Kyu brown belt in June 2012. Immense dedication and hard work in the Goju style lead Steve to achieve his Shodan Black Belt in December 2012 and, more recently, his Nidan (2nd Dan) in November 2014.


Steve is a conscientious and extremely respectful karate-ka. He strives for perfection in technique and this is clearly evident in his extremely high standard of technical ability. He is a shining example to all of our students of the true qualities of a high grade - technically impressive, courteous, respecful, modest.


Professionally, Sensei Steve runs his own business, working as a fully qualified driving instructor.

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Nidan Black Belt