Sensei Tony

Tony started at Hidden Dragon at the start of 2014 with his son Jake. He initially started training to encourage Jake to take part, however this soon changed as he grew to thoroughly enjoy the lessons, the club and the company.



Tony has brought with him a wealth of martial arts experience spanning over 25 years and 5 disciplines including Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA and Shotokan Karate. He uses this experience to take a very active role in the club. Sensei Tony is the class instructor for the Wednesday open class at Fight Science and is a huge believer of "real" self defense. A passion he hopes he can use to help others at Hidden Dragon.



Outside of Karate, Tony manages a team of Insight Analyst's for a Leeds based financial company. Something (as geeky as it sounds) he loves. Tony also has a passion for photography, having studies this at both school and college. He also, self admittedly, spends far to long on the Xbox! Tony lives in Morley with His Wife two children and the family Dog Harvey (Because Sarah wouldn't let him call the Dog Bane - Harvey (Dent) was the next best choice).



In 2014, Sensei Tony won the Annual Award for Most Outstanding Effort from an Adult Student. In 2015, in his role of Instructor, he won the Most Improved Instructor Award, having only been in position for less than 6 months.


1st Kyu